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With a group of guys who are already used to working into the late hours of the night, you can count on timelines and deadlines being met. Our goal is to make sure what we promise, is in fact, what we deliver. With a constant communication between our team and you, the client, you will always be up to date on where our project stands. If changes are needed, we will work tirelessly to make sure our deadline is still met.

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Web Design

Web design is critical in defining your online presence. Even the most basic web design principles can have large scale effects on your success in the marketplace. Attractive, Functional Design contributes to lead generation. All web designs we offer are 100% mobile friendly.
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Ethical White hat techniques to generate organic traffic to your Website on a Local or National level. Stay ahead of your local competition and leave it to us to help you get the results you need. SEO is vital and crucial to stay afloat with your competition.
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Custom E-Commerce Solutions at affordable terms. Let us help you get your products listed on the net. Free E-commerce website consultation.
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PPC Management

Reliable Pay-Per Click budget management as you build an online audience. We provide a strategic marketing service designed to increase revenue for our clients by improving online visibility, driving prospect engagement, and communicating effectively with target audiences.
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Social Media Management

Social Media is a pivotal and most important than ever now. Build awareness using social media to engage with customers and build your brand.
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Photography and Digital Media

With access to some of the best graphic artists and photographers around, Your company will be professionally represented with excellent visual quality.
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We understand the importance of making a powerful impact in the web-based world, which in our expert opinion requires creativity and a strong grasp on advanced technology. We are immensely passionate about taking on new challenges and we love original thinking. Above and beyond, we thrive on learning everything we can about technology and how it can drive specific behavior.

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Our strategy is to keep our clients informed every step of the way, supporting their ideas and objectives and empowering their dreams. We don’t just show our clients what we do or how we do it; rather we keep them informed and involved at every stage of development and execution. Most important, we at Ajax Union don’t just say the words; we deliver.

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We know how thrilling, fulfilling and challenging it is to grow a business and we love working with people who feel the same. As such, we at Diagram Media take a different approach to business because we thrive on what we do. We believe in our clients and we do everything in our power to help them stand out from the crowd.

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Gaining measurable results from your Branding and Marketing efforts takes a marketing agency that is responsive and committed. Whether your need is for expertise in the diversified areas of Digital Marketing or you are on the lookout for an agency that can launch and execute digital strategies that are cost effective, we are LM WEB and we can fill the bill.
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If you are on the alert for a company with creativity, passion and success in digital marketing, Ajax Union will put you on the map. We are proud of the fact that we help our clients with strategies that lead to profitability including SMO, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Videos, Design, PR, Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation, Analytics and Reporting. We are LM WEB and we can do it all!
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Digital marketing is now the rage, as it allows our clients to track ROI more accurately. Digital Marketing makes use of digital channels to promote and market products and services using personal computers, smart phones and tablets. When you’re ready for a company that will build your business, LM WEB is ready to take you to the next level!